Our Honey

Honey-Met: Even grandma’s household remedies could not be without honey.

Honey has a special and interesting “sweet” taste and even health-promoting substances as well as an interesting color.


This precious “Gold” is the main factor for the special taste, the salubriousness and also the color of our Honey-Met. The ingredients are obtained as far as possible through the gentle manufacturing. And for a good reason, because…

  • … Honey is: it not only tastes good but should have a positive impact on our health.
  • … Honey means pure pleasure: because as part of sophisticated desserts the honey has now supplanted the sugar.
  • … Honey should have a dehydrating effect.
  • … Honey should lead to the strengthening of the liver.
  • … Honey may have an antibacterial effect.
  • … Honey is said to have a sleep-promoting effect and is used by many sleepless people.


Our secret of success:

You can produce very tasty wines with honey. Met, also known as honey wine, can be combined with spices and various fruits.

Especially the type of honey has a great influence on the flavor of the finished Met.

You can fully and completely trust us in this area, because we have tried all the recipes and wines personally.