Met Production

Honey-Met: We still produce with our long-lasting traditions.

Honey-Met is made from pure honey and herbal extracts. We also need water and yeast for this. Only by the alcoholic fermentation, the sweetness of honey is converted into 11% alcohol. No extra sugar is added. Each 750 ml bottle of wine contains about 300 g of pure bee honey.


In the production of Honey-Met, Martina Thauern is supported strongly by her family. In addition to the semi-automatic bottling of honey wine, a lot of manual work is necessary, until the finished product can leave the winery to the wholesalers and customers.


Neutral quality checks by independent institutes are self-evident for us. Only by a modern winery, the best knowledge and absolute thoroughness this top product can exist at the present time.

By our special love for honey and related nuances, we have developed the unique recipe for our special Met, which is always recognized by our customers at the market.


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