Met production

Honey-Met: A well tasting alcoholic product made out of water, honey, herbs and different spices.

One of the hallmarks of our traditional family business is an unusually broad range spectrum of Honey-Met wine. Our greatest priority is to let this particular product in its longstanding and well-known type revive and adapt as an innovation to the taste of the time.

The drink, which was known back in the years, becomes very popular again. Just like other wines, yeast is added for fermentation.Here is some information from our traditional winery. We will list up the single steps of the Met production.First there is a barrel and a stainless steel tank with a capacity of approximately 3000 L and a lot of honey.Honey and water will be mixed inside the barrel and pumped into the tank.One liter of water is mixed with 450 g Honey (60:40). Herbs and Spices will be added after secret, traditional recipes. The yeast is then mixed to it and the fermentation can begin. At a temperature of about 23-25°C the fermentation process is optimal.


During fermentation, the sweetness of the honey is converted into alcohol. At the beginning of the process, the fermentation is still strong. But over time the fermentation gets weaker, because now there is less sweetness but more alcohol. At the end of the process, after 10 days, a sample is taken and the alcohol content is measured.

If the desired alcohol content is reached (about 11%), the fermentation is interrupted and the Met rests, so that solids and yeast can settle at the bottom of the tank. The cleared Met is now filtered.

After the filtration, the golden Met is ready.

The Met is filled into bottles or other containers, stored and then labeled according to requirements and specific needs and prepared for shipment. A delivery to our loyal and new customers will now have no more obstacles. Sent whether by mail or through another instance can be decided by every customer himself.

The Honey-Met is exceptional in its taste and production. Through the properties of honey (antibacterial and antibiotic) it is very valuable and beneficial.Honey wine is and will remain in our modern society is a rarity. The delicious taste of Met is simply incomparable.

Because our Motto is: Once tasted, a life long seduced …