16.03.2020 – Met tasting by Nadine Luschnat on:


*Unpaid ADVERTISING* (the products were provided to me free of charge)???????????????????? Have you ever tried Met????? The word “Met” colloquially means “sweet potion”. Met is made from honey, water, herbs and/or spices. By addition of wine yeast, the dissolved honey is suspended after a fermentation process lasting several weeks. The fructose is converted into alcohol during this process. The production and enjoyment of honey wine is one of the oldest northern and central European cultural features! We were very pleased that we received three bottles of honey wine from the ????MET winery Thauern????! Thank you very much ???? for this. We were able to try the following Met varieties: ????️Met honey wine (God potion) ???? ????️Lemon-Met ???? (mixed drink from 75% met and 25% lemon lime juice concentrate) ????️Cherry-Met ???????? (mixed drink of 75% met and 25% cherry juice). All three varieties taste delicious!???????? The god potion has a great sweet tart taste while the other two varieties have a delicious fruity note. In addition, all three Met specialties have a wonderful honey flavor.???? Super delicious!!! A real treat.????????➡️The family business of the Met-Honigwein Winery has existed for over 50 years. Their traditional formulations, combined with modern production processes, guarantee quality products in which the valuable components of honey are also preserved to a considerable extent. If you have become curious, you can check out your online shop at ????www.metorder.de????! ???????????????????? #getränke #honig #methonigwein #probieren #testen #testenmachtspass #testpaket #produkttesterin #produkttester #spezialitäten #genuss#met #produkttest #honigwein #honigwein #honigwein #produkttest #produkttest #produkttest #produkttest #produkttest