DLG Awards

Honey-Met: Our customers enjoy best quality

The Sign of the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) probably has a meaning to you. If not, no problem. You will find important Information about the DLG on this page.

The DLG supports product quality of foods on a base of neutral and binding quality standards for decades. Their understanding of quality is based on current scientific knowledge, self-developed and recognized methods.

With its international tests, the DLG is accredited in the quality assessment and is the undisputed market leader in Europe, according to international standards.

Each year 27000 foods from the in- and outland are tested with the DLG-tests. The award “DLG-prämiert” is therefore only given to foods that are sensory properly and meet the quality criteria of the DLG in particular.

This includes a careful selection of raw materials, as well as optimum processing and preparation. Only if a food is above average, it gets a DLG award.

The DLG hands out a price each year (bronze, silver or gold) which depends on the delivered quality. We participate in these strict tests for years already, which has paid off several times.

Here is an overview about our awards:

  • 1995 – big DLG- award in gold
  • 1997 – big DLG- award in gold
  • 1999 – big DLG- award in bronze
  • 2000 – big DLG- award in gold
  • 2001 – big DLG- award in gold
  • 2005 – big DLG- award in gold
  • 2007 – big DLG- award in silver

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We create exceptional honey wines in which the honey is combined with fruits, herbs or spices.

You can clearly taste the honey in our Met. Our honey wines are free of suspended solids and gained flavor over the years.

As you can see, we do not make random products.