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Honey-Met: There is no way around this Met

Welcome to the Honey-Met Winery, Owner Martina Thauern. Family Thauern is your competent partner in the production of Honey-Met in your area. We are your reliable contact when it comes to Honey-Met and everything around it. We still produce our Honey-Met in old tradition but in connection with modern technology.

We provide an excellent service paired with long standing experience in the production of Honey-Met. For family Thauern the customer satisfaction is the number one priority.

New Label design from 01.08.2017

The Honey-Met Winery is a pure family company. Formulation and manufacturing process are passed on from generation to generation and this ensures that the unique taste of the Met is always granted.

The distinctive quality of the Met and the decades-long steadiness to the processing of honey wine is guaranteed thanks to years of experience and careful work at any time. You will receive a consistent quality and a fast and timely delivery.

If you still have any questions, please contact us. We are always ready with advice and support.

Honey-Met: You can’t get enough of this taste.


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The high quality honey wines have been awarded with the food price of the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) several times.Order Honey-Met, Red-Met or Lemon-Met and save shipping costs.

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